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7:23pm @furry_princess I agree and really hope that the case!
7:13pm @furry_princess yes, it just makes the CDN gov’t look petty and untrustworthy.
7:11pm @furry_princess private in the sense that the allegations had to with her private life, and not related to her office…
6:26pm Dear twitter, what do you suggest I watch to relax and unwind this lovely Friday eve?
5:06pm @furry_princess if it was anyone else who was slandered in public they accusers would be I court now.
5:05pm @furry_princess but these were allegations made towards a private person.
3:40pm @notthewaves I like reading your tweets because I learn new words from the old world like “pround”
2:18pm @furry_princess caught doing what? Are you aware of something the RCMP isn’t?
12:13pm RT @CBCAlerts: Tories alleged Guergis involved in fraud, drugs, hookers . Letter from PMO to RCMP lists allegations. Guergis cleared.
3:48pm RT @DemocracyCanada: In case you’ve been offline for the last few days, #ShitHarperDid is all the rage: #cdnpo …
1:02pm Dude has been talking for 30 minutes on this conf call. No joke!
1:00pm @leashylou I hope my poorly written tweet didn’t disturb your concentration on work.
12:56pm Conference calls need to be short and concise. Otherwise you get someone starts rambling on and people lose ficus and attention! #WorkSmart
7:57pm “@cath_cullen: French-language hosts seem to be taking much more control of discussion than last night #debat wish Steve Paikin did the same
7:47pm Harper, look at your opponents!!!! It’s getting super annoying. Someone give this man some speaking lesson. #fed2011 #elxn41
7:44pm RT @OlivierDaoust: Gilles Duceppe est de la même couleur que le drapeau canadien, cheveux blancs et face rouge! 😛 #debat #fed2011 #pasc …
7:37pm RT @Bi_B: #débat on peut pas superposer le bullshit-o-mètre de @infomantv sur Harper quand il parle? Me semble que ça serait toujours da …
7:35pm RT @MFBazzo: Harper nous parle avec un ton doucereux, comme si on était des débiles légers qu’il voulait hypnotiser #debat
7:34pm RT @LaurentLaSalle: «Si l’opposition n’existait pas, ça irait tellllllllement bien!» répond Harper… #debat #fed2011
7:32pm Why does Harper’s voice get higher when he speaks French? #elxn41 #cdnpoli

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