Linux Installation Story

I have been using GNU/Linux since 2000, and have tried to educate myself on the operating system and the programs usually distributed with it as much as possible. I’ve slowly grown fond of it, and at times have become somewhat of a zealot!

At some points I have had to ask myself whether it made sense to use Linux as a primary operating system. After all, I could just do what most other students do, and keep a dual boot system – with Windows as the first option.

This past month, the motherboard on my computer died and gave me an excuse to reformat my computer while fixing this small problem. My experiences in doing yet another Linux install – this time after almost a year – made me think about some issues I had with this Operating System, that I will try to convery here.

The Beginning

I started my linux career with a popular distribution : RedHat Linux. At the time I had a very old computer that could not even work with Windows95. This first experience, I must say, was very pleasant. There was very little work that I needed to do to get the system up and running. My Unix knowledge at the time was minimal and I knew nothing of Linux, but I managed to get the system working. Initial problems with the Xserver were quickly solved and I even managed to g